About Us


Why do 2,000 SoCal companies, with more than 100,000 employees, choose to get workplace first aid kits and supplies from a local independent rather than a mega national company?

They get the highest quality company first aid kits and supplies in California. First aid kits delivered & restocked. At a cost at least 50% below national companies. They get multiple program options, a single combined invoice, top quality and personal attention. All from a local source trusted for 23 years.

First Aid 2000 has been supplying SoCal companies, organizations, schools, factories, cities, towns, public utilities and government agencies with first aid kits and safety supplies, van delivered, since 1999. At prices at least 50% less than much larger national conglomerates. We do this by streamlining operational systems to out-hustle, out-service and out-price them.

Manufacturers, distribution companies and many companies where employee safety is a priority select First Aid 2000 as a true one-stop source for all needed supplies to treat workplace injuries, provide greater worker safety and full Cal/OSHA and OSHA compliance. Kits can be customized to meet any need.

Safety officials, EHS professionals, CFO’s and purchasing departments seek our input when they wish to reduce costs and improve their first aid ordering and refill process.


Contact us at 877-522-8362  for a quick quote.